Verbs in Indonesian – Present, Past, Future Tenses

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Verbs in Indonesian

Present, Past and Future Tenses

Verbs are quite simple in Indonesian. There are no endings to add to verbs like in other languages. You simply add a certain word depending on which tense you want to use.

1. present, continuous, etc.

tengah (formal)

sedang (informal)


2. past, present perfect, etc.

telah (formal)

sudah (informal)


3. future



Sample sentences:

Saya merokok – I smoke

Saya sedang merokok – I am smoking

Saya sudah merokok – I smoked, I have smoked, I had smoked, I have been smoking, I had been smoking

Saya akan merokok – I will smoke, I will be smoking, I will have smoked


The subject, the verb, the nouns, the adjectives, and the adverbs do not change their forms.

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