Useful Words in Indonesian

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Some Useful Words in Indonesian

Here are some useful words in Indonesian and some sample sentences:

at, in, on di
to ke (closed e)
from dari
for untuk
that, which yang
now sekarang (closed e)
before sebelum (closed e)
after sesudah (closed e)
very sangat (before the word)
very sekali (after the word))
until sampai (places)
until hingga
because karena, sebab
will (going to) akan
have sudah
not yet belum
in spite of / despite walaupun (formal), walau (informal)
if jika, bila, seandainya, andaikan, andai (formal), kalau (informal)
only, just hanya (before the word)
only, just saja (after the word)
with, by dengan (closed e)


Saya sangat senang – I am very happy

Kamu cantik sekali / Kamu sangat cantik – You are very beautiful

Kamu tampan sekali / Kamu sangat tampan – You are very handsome

Saya sudah sarapan – I have had breakfast

Saya belum sarapan – I have not had breakfast yet

Jika Anda merasa kesulitan, saya siap membantu Anda – If you feel any difficulties, I am ready to help you

Kalau kamu mau, aku akan ke rumahmu besok – If you want, I will come to your house tomorrow

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