Questions in Indonesian

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Questions in Indonesian

Learn how to ask questions in Indonesian:

what apa
who siapa
where at mana, di mana / dimana
where to ke mana / kemana
which one yang mana
when kapan
why mengapa (formal)
why kenapa (informal)
how bagaimana
how much/many berapa


Sample questions in Indonesian:

Apa yang kamu lihat? – What are you looking at?

Siapa di sana? – Who is there?

Dimana kamu? – Where are you?

Kemana kamu pergi? – Where are you going?

Bunga yang mana yang paling indah? – Which flower is the most beautiful?

Mengapa kamu menangis? – Why are you crying?

Kenapa kamu tidak menjawab? – Why aren’t you answering?

Berapa harganya? – How much does it cost?

Berapa banyak kelinci yang kamu punyai/kamu miliki? – How many rabbits do you have?

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