Asking Questions in Icelandic

Questions in Icelandic: Interrogatives

How to say what, where, when, why, how, etc. in Icelandic

Most Icelandic question words start with hv:

Where = hvar

Where from = hvaðan

When = hvenær

What = hvað

Why = hvers vegna

How = hvernig

Who = hver

However, hver can be declined as follows:

singular masculine feminine neuter
nominative hver hver hvert or
accusative hvern hverja hvað 
dative hverjum hverri hverju
genitive hvers hverrar hvers
plural masculine feminine neuter
nominative hverjir hverjar hver
accusative hverja hverjar hver
dative hverjum hverjum hverjum
genitive hverra hverra hverra

To construct questions, simply invert the verb. For example:

Ég er = I am

Er ég? = am I?

When this happens with Þú, it becomes attached to the verb. The þ is either lost or changes:

Þú ert = You are

Ertu? = Are you

Hvað segjrðu? = What do you say?

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