Icelandic Pronouns

Learn the Icelandic Pronouns

How to say I, me, you, he, him, etc. in Icelandic

Nominative Accusative Dative Genitive
I / me Ég Mig Mér Mín 
you Þú Þig  Þér  Þín 
he / him Hann  Hann  Honum  Hans
she / her Hún Hana  Henni Hennars 
it Það Það  Því  Þess 
we / us Við Okkur Okkur Okkar 
you Þið  Ykkur  Ykkur  Ykkar 
they /them (masc) Þeir Þá Þeim  Þeirra 
they / them (fem) Þær  Þær  Þeim  Þeirra 
they / them (neut) Þau  Þau  Þeim  Þeirra 

In Icelandic it is important to refer back to a noun in the correct gender. An example: rós is feminine, so refer to it as hún. Also note that personal pronouns are only capitalised at the beginning of a sentence.

See the lesson on possessives for the full declensions of the genitive forms.

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