Danish Short Answers

Short answers to questions in Danish

A yes/no question can be answered with a short phrase, just as
in English. The verb gøre (to do/make) is used with the pronoun
det and the subject of the question. Some verbs are not replaced by gøre and are repeated in the short answer, such as være and have. This
is very similar to English, except for the word order.

Positive Short Answer: Ja + det + Verb +
Negative Short Answer: Nej + det + Verb + Subject
+ ikke

Arbejder han her? Does he work here?
Ja det gør han. Yes he does.
Nej det gør han ikke. No, he does not.
Er de glade? Are they happy?
Ja det er de. Yes they are.
Nej, det er de ikke.  No, they are not.

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