Danish Possessive Adjectives and Pronouns

Learn how to say my, your, his, her, etc. in Danish

with en words with et words with plural words
my / mine min mit mine
your / yours din dit dine
his / her / its / their sin sit sine
his / his hans hans hans
her / hers hendes hendes hendes
its / its dens dens dens
our / ours vores vores vores
your / yours deres deres deres
their / theirs deres deres deres

The same forms are used for possessive adjectives that are used directly before nouns and for possessive pronouns that replace a noun. For example, this is my car and this is mine would be translated as det her er min bil and det her er min.

Sin, sit and sine can only be used when the third person possessive adjective refers to the subject of the same clause. These words can be translated as his, her, its or their. Generally, if you cannot insert “own” after the possessive adjective in English, you cannot use sin/sit/sine.

Per besøger sin mor. = Per visits his (own) mother. (Sin refers back to Per.)
Eva ringer til hans mor. = Eva calls his mother. (Hans refers to Per, not Eva.)

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