Danish Conjunctions and Relative Pronouns

Connecting words: Conjunctions and relative pronouns in Danish

Coordinating Conjunctions

og and
eller or
men but
fordi, for at because, for
som as
enten…eller either…or
hverken…eller neither…nor

Subordinating Conjunctions

at that
da when
eftersom because, as
for at in order to, so that
fordi  because
inden before
imens while
når when
hvis, om if, whether (interrogation)
selvom even if, although
siden since, as
nu hvor now that

Relative pronouns

The relative pronoun som can be translated at that, which, whom, or who and it can act as a subject or as a complement. Interrogatives such as hvem (who), hvis (whose), hvad (what), and hvilken / hvilket / hvilke (which) as well as der (who, which, that) can also be used as relative pronouns to join two clauses together.

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