Danish Adverbs

Danish adverbs of location, movement and time

never aldrig possibly muligvis
always altid often ofte
probably formentlig already allerede
at least i det mindste surely sikkert
only, merely bare seldom sjældent
gladly, willingly gerne soon snart
not ikke probably sandsynligvis
maybe, perhaps måske usually sædvanligvis
hardly næppe really, indeed virkelig
Location Movement
in inde ind
out ude ud
there fremme frem
up oppe op
down nede ned
here her her
there der der
away borte bort
(at) home hjemme hjem

Location adverbs are used with verbs of rest and movement adverbs are used with verbs of motion.

Jens er her. Jens is here.
Jens kommer her. Jens is coming here.
Mor bliver hjemme. Mother is staying home.
Mor går hjem. Mother is going home.

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