Countries, Languages, and Nationalities in Indonesian

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Learn the names of countries, languages, and nationalities in Indonesian

Learn the names of the countries first, then learning the names of languages and nationalities in Indonesian is quite simple.

Australia Australia

Belgium Belgia

Canada Kanada

China Cina

Croatia Kroasia

France Perancis

Egypt Mesir

England Inggris

Germany Jerman

Great Britain Britania Raya

Italy Italia

Japan Jepang

Mexico Meksiko

Netherlands Belanda

Norway Norwegia

Poland Polandia

Russia Rusia

Saudi Arabia Arab Saudi

Singapore Singapura

Spain Spanyol

Sweden Swedia

Switzerland Swiss

Turkey Turki

USA Amerika Serikat


Those are some of the country names. What about the languages and nationalities in Indonesian? Simple. Just put bahasa (language) or orang (people, person, man/woman) before the name of the country you desire.


Australia Australia

English Bahasa Inggris

Australian Orang Australia


Saudi Arabia Arab Saudi

Arabic Bahasa Arab

Arabian Orang Arab


Italy Italia

Italian Bahasa Italia

Italian Orang Italia


Note: If you’re an American and you speak English, then you shouldn’t say “Saya berbicara bahasa Amerika”, but you should say “Saya berbicara bahasa Inggris”.

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