Colors in Danish

Learn the colors in Danish

orange orange
pink pink; lyserød/lyserødt/lyserøde
purple lilla
blue blå/blåt
yellow gul/gult/gule
red rød/rødt/røde
black sort/sorte
brown brun/brunt/brune
gray grå/gråt
white hvid/hvidt/hvide
green grøn/grønt/grønne

For colors that have three forms, the first form is used with en words, the second form is used with et words, and the third form is used with plural words when they are indefinite (the article is a/some instead of the). For blue and gray, blå and grå are used with en and plural words while blåt and gråt are used with et words. For black, sort is used with en and et words while sorte is used with plural words.

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