Basic Catalan Phrases

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Basic Catalan Phrases

Learn some basic phrases in Catalan

Bon dia! Hello! Good morning!
Bona tarda! Good afternoon / evening!
Bona nit! Good night!
Hola! Hi!
Adéu!/A reveure! Bye!/See you later!
Per favor/Sisplau Please
(Moltes) gràcies!/Mercès! Thank you (so much)!
De res! You’re welcome!
No es mereixen!/No hi ha per a tant! It was nothing, really!/Don’t mention it!
Benvingut(m.) Benvinguda(f.) Benvinguts( Benvingudes(  Welcome!
Som-hi!/Endavant!  C’mon!, Let’s go!/ Go on!
Fins ara!/Fins aviat! See you in a minute!/See you soon!
Que vagi bé! Take care!
Quant (de) temps! Long time, no see!
Ja ens veurem! We’ll be in touch!
Encantat! Molt de gust! Nice/pleased to meet you!
Com estàs? (informal)/Com està (vostè)? (formal) Com va (tot)? How are you? How’s everything/it going?
Què passa? Què tal? What’s up?
Perdó Excuse me
Ho sento (molt)/Em sap greu I’m (very) sorry
Com et dius? (informal) Com es diu (vostè)? (formal) What’s your name?
Em dic ______. My name is ______.
(Jo) sóc el/la _______. I’m ________.
(Que) parla (formal)/parles (informal) català/anglès? Do you speak Catalan/English?
Bona/Molta sort! Good luck!
 T’estimo  I love you
D’on és vostè? (formal)/D’on ets? (informal) Where are you from?
Sóc de ______.  I’m from _____.
Vinc de ________. I come from _______.
(No) ho entenc./ (No) ho comprenc. I (don’t) understand.

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