Asking Questions in Danish

Question words and asking questions in Danish

who hvem whose hvis
what hvad which hvilken / hvilket / hvilke
why hvorfor where to hvor til
when hvornår where from hvor fra
where hvor how hvordan

The word for which (hvilken / hvilket / hvilke) changes according to the gender and number of the noun that follows it. En words use hvilken, et words use hvilket and plural words use hvilke.

Word order when asking questions in Danish

Yes/No questions: Invert the subject and verb so that the verb begins the question.

Arbejder han? Does he work?
Regner det? Is it raining?

Question Words: The question word begins the question, and the verb comes next, followed by the subject.

Hvor bor Sten? Where does Sten live?
Hvad laver Elsa? What does Elsa do?

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