Afrikaans Pronunciation

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Afrikaans Pronunciation

Learn how to pronounce Afrikaans

Spelling IPA Approximate English pronunciation
a /ɐ/ short ah (sound like arr)
aa /ɑː/ long ah (sounds like arr)
ai /aj/ similar to diphthong in eye or high
ce, ci, cy /s/ as in soon
ca, co, ca /k/ as in kite
ch /ʃ/ /k/ /x/ as in shut, kite, or guttural Bach (mostly in loan words)
ë /ə/ schwa sound, as in sofa
ee /iə/ ee and uh together
ei /ɛi/ short eh and ih together; similar to play but shorter
eu /eø/ long eh and ih together, but with lips rounded for ih
g /x/ guttural Bach
gh /g/ as in go
i, ie /i/ as in eat
j /j/ as in yes
oe /u/ as in boot
oei /ui/ oo and ee together
oo /uə/ oo and uh together
ou /ɵu/ similar to oh
q /k/ as in kite
r /r/ rolled / trilled r
sj /ʃ/ as in shut
tj /tʃ/ /k/ as in chat; but also kite in the ending -tjie
u /œ/ long eh with rounded lips
ui /œy/ ay like bait
uu /y/ ee but with rounded lips
v /f/ as in fine
w /v/ as in vase
x /ks/ as in box
y /ɛi/ short eh and ih together; similar to play but shorter

At the end of word, the /d/ and /b/ sounds become /t/ and /p/.

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