Afrikaans Nouns

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Afrikaans Nouns

Learn about singular and plural nouns in Afrikaans

Nouns in Afrikaans have no gender and no cases. To indicate possession, se is used just like ‘s in English.

Jack se boek – Jack’s book
Piet se boek – Piet’s book


Plural Nouns

Add an -e or -s to pluralize the noun in Afrikaans. In addition, some nouns add -‘s if they end in an accentuated a, o, or u.

As a general rule, -e is the most common plural marker. Some words ending in a consonant must double it before adding -e to reflect the short vowel sound, while others that have double vowels must drop one before adding -e.

If the noun ends in -l, -m or -r then adding an -s usually produces the plural, but this is not always the case. There are also some irregular plural forms that need to be memorized.

Afrikaans singular – plural English singular – plural
vriend – vriende friend – friends (masc.)
kat – katte cat – cats
hond – honde dog – dogs
aap – ape monkey – monkeys
leeu – leeus lion – lions
foto – foto’s photo – photos
vrou – vrouens woman – women
kind – kinders child – children *
musikus – musici musician – musicians
teoretikus – teoretici theorist – theorists
aanbod – aanbiedinge supply – supplies

* not yet recorded

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