Afrikaans Articles & Demonstratives

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Afrikaans Articles & Demonstratives

Learn about articles and demonstratives in Afrikaans

The definite and indefinite articles are quite easy to learn in Afrikaans. The is translated by die in both the singular and plural while a or an is translated by ‘n. There is no plural indefinite article. (‘n is pronounced as a schwa, i.e. “uh” as in the last syllable of sofa)

die boek the book ‘n boek a book
die boeke the books boeke books

Die vrug is duur. The fruit is expensive.
Die seun sien ‘n meisie. The boy sees a girl.
Hy gee vir haar ‘n blom. He gives her a flower.


hierdie boek this book daardie boek that book
hierdie boeke these books daardie boeke those books

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