Free Language Tutorials: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar in 20 Languages

Currently, twenty languages are available: 17 Indo-European and 3 non-Indo-European. There are also Foreign Service Institute (FSI) courses available in HTML format as well as two comparative tutorials for those who want to learn two languages simultaneously. Lists of vocabulary and verb conjugations are available for some Romance and Germanic languages, as well as other helpful ideas, resources and links for learning foreign languages. Some of the tutorials also include audio resources and online exercises, indicated by the headphones and notebooks below.


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Vocabulary Lists Vocabulary Lists
Verb Conjugations Verb Conjugations

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French & German ESL Lesson Plans    
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The following pages are not language-specific tutorials, but instead focus on learning languages in general:

French Language Tutorial 2nd edition is now available! The updated edition of FLT includes more vocabulary, sample sentences, and cultural information as well as newly recorded (and free) mp3s. The PDF e-book is available for immediate download for $14.95 USD. A paperback coil-bound book can be printed on demand and shipped world-wide by for $29.95 USD + shipping. You will receive the e-book for free with purchase of the paperback. Please visit the Store for more information.


Language Hacking Guide by Benny Lewis, the Irish Polyglot



"The Language Hacking Guide explains exactly what you need to do to speak a language quickly. Rather than read through the guide to find out my one major ‘secret’, I can tell you right now. You need to speak the language from day one.

No years of studying grammar, no expensive and complicated software, no “magic pill” to master a language while you sleep, you just need to speak it. Speak it regularly, speak it confidently, and speak it immediately. The more you speak, the quicker you will improve.

Even though this may be obvious, how you actually speak a language that you have just started to learn seems almost impossible to many people. So they’ll wait until they are “ready”. That wait may be years, or they may simply never even try. But it’s not actually that hard! That’s what the Language Hacking Guide is about."

Instant download of PDF and ePub formats, translations into several languages, and free worksheets and videos with other polyglots for $87 / 67€ (English only) OR $97 / 75€ (multilingual version) with a money-back guarantee.

Click here to buy the Language Hacking Guide + Speak from Day 1 video series package.


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