Italian Tutorials MP3s

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Italian I

1. Basic Phrases
2. Pronunciation 1 | Pronunciation 2
3. Alphabet
4. Articles & Demonstratives
5. Subject Pronouns
6. To Be and to Have
7. Useful Words
8. Question Words
9. Numbers
10. Days of the Week
11. Months of the Year
12. Seasons
13. Directions
14. Color & Shapes
15. Time
16. Weather
17. Family & Animals
18. To Know People & Facts
19. Formation of Plural Nouns
20. Possessive Adjectives

Italian II

21. To Do or Make
22. Work | School 1 | School 2
23. Prepositions
24. Prepositional Contractions
25. Countries 1 | Countries 2
26. To & From Places
27. To Come & to Go
28. Conjugating Regular Verbs
29. Reflexive Verbs
30. Irregularities in Regular Verbs
31. Present Perfect Tense
32. Irregular Past Participles 1 | Participles 2 | Avere Verb
33. Essere Past Participles 1 | Participles 2 | Essere Verb
34. Food & Meals 1 | Food & Meals 2










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