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Italian Tutorials Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar

Thanks to Corrado for the recordings! If you'd like to download the mp3s, use the DownThemAll add-on for Firefox to download all the mp3s at once instead of right-clicking on each link. If you're interested in buying books to supplement your Italian studies, I've recommended some books from Amazon and Yabla Italian offers authentic language through videos with subtitles and translations into English. Also check out the Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course that I am converting to HTML, and realia collected in Italy showing the authentic use of Italian. For multilingual learners, there is a French & Italian tutorial available as well as Romance Vocabulary lists and Romance verb conjugations.

Italian I

1. Basic Phrases

2. Pronunciation

3. Alphabet

4. Articles and Demonstratives

5. Useful Words

6. Subject Pronouns

7. To Be and to Have

8. Question Words

9. Numbers

10. Days of the Week

11. Months of the Year

12. Seasons

13. Directions

14. Color

15. Time

16. Weather

17. Family and Animals

18. To Know People & Facts

19. Formation of Plural Nouns

20. Possessive Adjectives


Italian II

21. To Do or Make

22. Work and School

23. Prepositions

24. Prepositional Contractions

25. Countries & Nationalities

26. To / In and From places

27. To Come and to Go

28. Conjugating Regular Verbs

29. Reflexive Verbs

30. Irregularities in Regular Verbs

31. Present Perfect Tense

32. Irregular Past Participles

33. Essere Verbs

34. Food and Meals

35. Piacere and Servire

36. Fruits & Vegetables

37. To Take, Eat or Drink

38. Commands

39. More Negatives

40. Holiday Phrases

Italian National Anthem

Italian III

41. Imperfect Tense

42. To Be/Stay and to Give

43. Gerunds

44. Places

45. Transportation

46. To Want, Be Able to, Have to

47. Asking Questions

48. House and Furniture

49. Comparative and Superlative

50. Irregular Forms

51. Clothing

52. To Wear

53. Future Tense

54. Preceding Adjectives

55. Adjectives: Feminine & Plural

56. More Adjectives

57. Adverbs

58. Sports & Instruments

59. To Play

60. Nature


Italian IV

61. Object Pronouns

62. Parts of the Body

63. Interrogative Pronouns

64. Relative Pronouns

65. To Read, Say/Tell, Go Out, Laugh

66. Indefinites

67. Ci and Ne

68. Animals

69. Past Perfect

70. Suffixes

71. Conjunctions

72. Passive Voice

73. Impersonal Expressions

74. Post Office & Bank

75. Useful Expressions

76. Infinitives + Prepositions

77. The Beach & Farm

78. Problem Verbs

79. Fare Causative

80. Office / School Supplies

Italian V

81. Conditional Tenses

82. Car & Driving

83. To Drive

84. Airport & Train Station

85. Location & Direction

86. Use of the Infinitive

87. Subjunctive Mood: Present

88. Uses of the Subjunctive Mood

89. Subjunctive Mood: Past

90. More Irregular Verbs

91. Possessive Pronouns

92. Historical Past

93. Art & Literature

94. Holidays

95. Hobbies

96. Tools & Materials

97. Adverbs of Time & Manner

98. Grammatical Terms

99. Agreement of Verb Tenses

100. Interjections

Regions & Cities of Italy


Italian VI

Meanings of dovere

Gerund vs. Present Participle

Talking on the Telephone

Going to a Doctor

Clothes & Shopping

Market, Cooking & Kitchen

Hotel & Restaurant

Bank & Post Office


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More flashcards based on these tutorials are available at Flashcardexchange.com, made by user doug_smithut7.

Recommendations. Language textbooks are rather expensive and generally only include the formal, written language. You will need more exposure to the real spoken language if you want to be become fluent.



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