FSI Language Course: Italian FAST Course

Familiarization & Short-Term Training

Francesca Randazzo-Woodrow, Stephen Zappala
with Egle Camozzo, Anna Fiore & Elizabeth Knutson


Foreign Service Institute

US Department of State


The first draft af this course was prepared by Francesca Randazzo-Woodrow and Anna Fiore, under the supervision of Egle Camozzo (Language Training Supervisor) and Stephen Zappala (Chairman of the Department of Romance Languages), based on an earlier text, designed by Stephen Zappala and written by Luciana Harwood, Daniela Ferriter and Clara Sommariva. The final version was written by Francesca Randazzo-Woodrow under the supervision of both Stephen Zappala, who wrote the language-usage notes and grammatical index, and Elizabeth Knutson (Language Training Supervisor). All typing and the format on the Xerox word processor were done by Francesca Randazzo-Woodrow. Consultant for the text was Martha Gowland, Familiarization and Short-term Training Course (FAST) coordinator. Editing was done by Hedy St. Denis, assisted by the supervisors. Special thanks to ali the instructors in the Italian Section who did the proofreading and field testing.

The recordings were made in the studio of the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) Language Laboratory with the technical assistance of Mark Macklow and Jose Ramirez. The voicing was done by Silvana de Luca (Acqui Terme), Anna Fiore (Fano), Maurizio Fontana (Rome), Giulia Guidotti (Florence), Maria Luisa Sylos-Labini (Tolmezzo), Francesca Randazzo-Woodrow (Enna), and Stephen Zappala. The cover photograph was taken by Carlo Cicala. The text photographs were taken by Egle Camozzo, Silvana de Luca, Elizabeth Knutson, and Francesca Randazzo-Woodrow. Technical assistance for art work was provided by Anne Meagher-Cook, Roberto Kamide, and Gelinda Giacomin of the FSI Audio-Visual Section, under the guidance of John McClelland. Christina N. Hoffman contributed to final editing and made arrangements for publication.

Mark C. Lissfelt, Dean
School of Language Studies
Foreign Service Institute
Department of State


The Italian Familiarization and Short-term Training Course (FAST) consists of thirty lessons that have been prepared with accompanying tape recordings. Designed for use with an Italian instructor, the course has as its main objective to
enable students to develop language skills considered basic and useful in Italy. Instead of a structured, grammatically-sequenced set of lessons, the course stresses communication in everyday practical situations of a social, logistical and workplace nature.

Students are urged to use whatever language they have at their disposal without being unduly preoccupied with grammatical accuracy. They should make this ettort even in situations in which they are exposed to practical language considerably above their level. They should remember that they must learn to cope with such language but not reproduce it.

Before Lesson 1, study three important sections:
1. "Lesson Introduction "
2. "Before We Begin" (a section dealing with Spelling - Pronunciation features and useful classroom expressions), and a
3. Preliminary Lesson (greetings and salutations).

Interspersed among lessons are:
(a) useful intormation about the different administrative regions of Italy (from lessons I through XX) and
(b) recipes of regional Italian dishes (from lessons XXI through XXX).

Additional intormation is provided in appendices tollowing Lesson XXX:
Appendix A - Grammatical Tables
Appendix B - Answers to Reading Exercises
Appendix C - Household Expressions
Appendix D - Other Information

Following the appendices are:
Index A - Language/Usage Notes
Index B - Glossary for Recipes


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