Foreign Service Institute Italian FAST Course
(Familiarization & Short-Term Training)

Table of Contents: Volume 1

For fastest downloading, use the DownThemAll add-on for Firefox. This will allow you to download all of the mp3s on this page at once and increase the download speed up to 400%. Otherwise, you can download each mp3 individually by right-clicking on and choosing Save As... Clicking on will open a new window of Italian to English and English to Italian audio flashcards, while will open a new window of listening exercises. Please note that I have not included everything from the original course. I am mostly focusing on the audio portion so I have omitted the written and classroom exercises, as well as moved the cultural information to the end of each lesson.

Before We Begin & Preliminary Lesson

- Cultural Notes: People, History, Geography, Government


Lesson 01: At the Airport

- Cultural Notes: Language


Lesson 02: At the Airport II

- Cultural Notes: Touching


Lesson 03: At the Exchange Office

- Cultural Notes: Exchanging Currency


Lesson 04: Getting the Local Time

- No cultural notes


Lesson 05: At the Hotel

- Cultural Notes: Hotels and Boarding Houses


Lesson 06: At the Hotel II

- No cultural notes


Lesson 07: At the Hotel III

- No cultural notes


Lesson 08: At the Hotel IV

- No cultural notes


Lesson 09: Going by Taxi

- Cultural Notes: Taxis


Lesson 10: Getting Around

- Cultural Notes: Intra/lnter-City Buses, Subways


Lesson 11: At the Embassy

- Cultural Notes: Names, Titles


Lesson 12: At the Embassy II

- Cultural Notes: Organization of the Public School System


Lesson 13: Shopping for Clothes

- Cultural Notes: Stores


Lesson 14: At the Shoestore

- No cultural notes


Lesson 15 : Eating Out

- Cultural Notes: Meals, Eating Places


Lesson 16: Eating Out II

- Cultural Notes: Telephones


Lesson 17: Phonecall

- Cultural Notes: Housing, Apartments, Addresses


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