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These mp3s should be used in conjunction with the French Tutorials available online or in PDF format. They were recorded by a native speaker from Haute-Savoie, France, and the vocabulary lists, verb conjugations and sample sentences are read at normal speed. If you are interested in more authentic French speech, the French Listening mp3s are also available for free. You can download them from this site or as a podcast through iTunes. The speech is unscripted and unrehearsed so it is much more natural and authentic.

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For fastest downloading, use the DownThemAll add-on for Firefox. This will allow you to download all of the mp3s on this page at once and increase the download speed up to 400%. Recordings of mp3s were done by a native speaker of French from Haute-Savoie.



French I [ zip file - 20.95 MB ]

1. Some Basic Phrases
2. Pronunciation
3. Alphabet
4. Articles and Demonstratives
5. Useful Words
6. Subject Pronouns
7. To Be and to Have | Expressions
8. Question Words
9. Numbers | Ordinal Numbers
10. Days of the Week
11. Months of the Year
12. Seasons
13. Directions
14. Color & Shapes
15. Weather
16. Time
17. Family & Animals
18. To Know People & Facts
19. Formation of Plural Nouns
20. Possessive Adjectives

French II [ zip file - 24.85 MB ]

21. To Do or Make
22. Work | School
23. Prepositions & Contractions
24. Countries & Nationalities
25. Negative Sentences
26. To / In & From places
27. To Come & to Go
28. Conjugating Regular Verbs
29. Pronominal (Reflexive) Verbs
30. Irregularities in Regular Verbs
31. Past Indefinite Tense
32. Irregular Past Participles
33. Etre Verbs
34. Food & Meals
35. Fruits, Vegetables, & Meats
36. To Take, Eat or Drink
37. Quantities
38. Commands
39. More Negatives
40. Holiday Phrases

French III [ zip file - 26.83 MB ]

41. Imperfect Tense
42. Places
43. Transportation
44. To Want and to Be able to
45. House & Yard
46. Furniture & Appliances
47. Comparatives & Superlatives
48. Irregular Forms
49. Clothing
50. To Wear
51. Future Tenses
52. Preceding & Plural Adjectives
53. Adjectives: Feminine
54. Adjectives: Plurals
55. More Adjectives
56. Problem Verbs
57. C'est/Il est + Adj. + à/de + Infinitive
58. Sports & Instruments
59. Nature
60. To Live

French IV [ zip file - 23.22 MB ]

61. Personal Pronouns
62. Parts of the Body
63. Asking Questions
64. Interrogative Pronouns
65. Forms of Lequel
66. Relative Pronouns
67. Demonstrative Pronouns
68. To Read, to Say/Tell, & to Laugh
69. Disjunctive Pronouns
70. Y and En
71. To See, to Believe, & to Write
72. Animals
73. Plaire & Manquer
74. Pluperfect
75. Indefinite Pronouns
76. Subjunctive Mood
77. Falloir & Valoir
78. Adverbs
79. Tools & Hobbies
80. False Cognates

French V [ zip file - 18.90 MB ]

81. Colloquial Expressions
82. Conjunctions & Connecting Words
83. Forms of Tout
84. Babies / Children
85. Primary / Secondary School
86. Passive Voice
87. Depuis, il y a, & pendant in past contexts
88. Post Office & Bank
89. To Receive
90. Verb + à or de + Infinitive or + Noun
91. Adjective + à or de + Infinitive
92. To Follow
93. Faire Causative
94. Direct & Indirect Discourse
95. Computers & Internet
96. Ne Explétif
97. Conditional Tenses
98. Parts of a Car / Gas Station
99. To Drive
100. Travelling / Airport

French VI [ zip file - 17.78 MB ]

101. Camping
102. Special Uses of Devoir
103. Cosmetics / Toiletries
104. Medicine & Hospital
105. Present Participles
106. Abbreviations
107. Past Infinitives
108. In the Ocean
109. To Die
110. In Space
111. Possessive Pronouns
112. Simple Past Tense
113. Make Believe / Fantasy
114. Religion
115. Music & Art
116. To Acquire and to Resolve
117. Imperfect and Past Subjunctive
118. Translating Phrasal Verbs
119. Other Translation Difficulties
120. Quebecois French

French VII [ zip file - 30.36 MB ]

Filling out Forms
Asking for clarification / Help
Food / Eating
On the Phone
Going Shopping
Going to the Doctor
Going to the Dentist or Eye Doctor
At the Hair Salon
Opening a Bank Account
Post Office
Renting an Apartment
Cooking / Kitchen Utensils
Christmas Vocabulary
School / Education
Zodiac Signs
Marriage / Civil Unions
English used in French
Regions of France
Cities in France
Writing Letters

Informal French & Slang

Informal Ways of Speaking
Fillers in Speech
Recognizing French Slang Words
Common Expressions
Common Verbs
The verb foutre
Common Adjectives
Common Intensifiers / Adverbs
Health & Body
Emotions & Personality
Weather & Time
Talking & Chatting
Eating & Drinking
People & Animals
Places & Vehicles
Work & Money
Love & Dating
Fashion & Shopping
Entertainment & Technology
Baby Talk
Proper Names



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