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Learn Two Languages Simultaneously


Do you want to learn French and German together? Learning two languages together is not much harder than learning only one. There is also a French and Italian tutorial, as well as Romance vocabulary and Romance verbs lists and Germanic vocabulary and Germanic verbs lists.

Currently, only the first three tutorials are available.

French & German I

Basic Phrases




Articles & Demonstratives

Nouns: Gender & Number

Personal Pronouns

Verbs: Be, Have, Do

Interrogatives / Conjunctions / Adverbs

Accusative & Dative Cases

Days / Months / Seasons

Time / Weather / Directions

Colors & Shapes


Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns


French & German II

Adjectives: Gender & Number

Verbs: Come, Go

Asking Questions

Word Order


Work & School

Countries & Nationalities


Verbs: Know

Food & Meals

Fruits & Vegetables

Verbs: Modals


Genitive Case

Weak Masculine Nouns

French & German III

Common Verbs

Regular Verbs: Present and Past Tense

Spelling Changes in Regular Verbs

Irregular Stems in Past Tense

Pronominal / Reflexive Verbs

On / Man

Plaire / Gefallen & Manquer / Fehlen

Separable & Inseparable Prefixes

Imperative / Commands

Subordinating Conjunctions

Verbs: Present Perfect / Past Perfect Tenses

Verbs of Senses

House & Furniture

Buildings & Materials

Y/ En & Da- / Wo-


French & German IV

Comparatives / Superlatives

Clothing & Toiletries

Verbs: Other common irregular verbs

Human Body

Verbs: Future Tense

Verbs: Conditional Tense / Subjunctive II

Verbs: Subjunctive Mood

Animals & Insects

Nature & Geography

Indefinite Pronouns & Adjectives

Relative Pronouns

Verbs: Passive Voice

Faire / Causative

Verbs followed by Prepositions

French & German V

Sports & Instruments

Hobbies & Tools


Impersonal Verbs

Car & Gas Station

Travel & Transportation


Indirect Discourse / Subjunctive I

Holidays & Fairy Tales

Verbs: Simple Past Tense

Exclamations & Interjections

French Regions / German States


Other Useful Links

WordReference English-French Dictionary

WordReference English-German Dictionary

Dict.cc English-German Dictionary

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