German Exercises Index: Interactive Exercises to Accompany German Tutorials

Why German is Easy by the Irish Polyglot Benny Lewis: How Benny managed to hack German grammar and vocabulary in three months. For learners of German at the beginning and intermediate levels who want to learn to communicate in German rather than just read or write. PDF, ePUB and printable versions plus English-German flashcards for Anki, all for $29 or 19€. 60-day money back guarantee and free PDF preview at Fluent in 3 Months. You can also buy it coupled with the Language Hacking Guide for $87 / 60€.


Made with Hot Potatoes. Each exercise will open in a new window, or you can use the Next button (=>) to advance through the exercises.

German I Tutorial


Conversational Phrases Audio Flashcards - German to English

Conversational Phrases Audio Flashcards - English to German

Conversational Phrases - Multiple Choice

Conjugation of to Be, to Have and to Become - Fill in the blank

Useful Words Flashcards - English to German

Useful Words Flashcards - German to English

Question Words - Matching

Numbers Flashcards - English to German

Numbers Flashcards - German to English

Numbers Translation - Fill in the blank

Days of the Week Flashcards - English to German

Days of the Week Flashcards - German to English

Months, Seasons, & Directions - English to German

Months, Seasons, & Directions - German to English

Colors & Shapes Translation - Fill in the blank

Time Expressions - Matching

Weather Expressions - Matching

Family Flashcards - English to German

Family Flashcards - German to English

Family Translation - Fill in the blank

Family Singular to Plural - Fill in the blank

Conjugation of to Know - Fill in the blank







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