American English Vocabulary with Pronunciation (and French Translations)

I created this vocabulary pack for a private English student here in France. All of the recordings were done by me and I have a Midwestern accent (that may have been modified slightly by my years in France.) You can also download these vocabulary lists (in PDF or DOC format) and all of the mp3s from the ESL Lesson Plans page, if you'd like to use them offline.

American English Vocabulary with pronunciation and French translations


Part 1: Conversation Questions & Responses
  Days, Months, Seasons
  Colors & Shapes
  Subject & Object Pronouns
  Be & Have (Present Tense)
  Auxiliary Verbs
  Contractions with Not
  Contractions with Will, Would & Had
  Possessive Adjectives & Pronouns
  Prepositions of Place & Adverbs of Movement
  Articles & Quantifiers
  Adjectives & Opposites
  Link Words
  Regular Verbs - Present & Preterit/Past Participle
  Irregular Verbs - Present, Preterit & Past Participle
Part 2: Transportation & Places
  Countries & Nationalities
  House & Furniture
  Parts of the Body
  Clothing, Accessories & Toiletries
Part 3: Food & Meals
  Fruits & Vegetables
  Animals & Insects
  Sports, Games & Hobbies
  American States
  American Cities by Population
  Vowels of American English
  American English Homophones



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