Dutch Tutorials Index: Basic Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar

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Thanks to Mariska for the mp3s! If you are learning more than one Germanic language, check out Germanic Vocabulary and Germanic Verbs. If you are interested in reading authentic uses of language, go to the Dutch realia page with images from Belgium and the Netherlands.

Dutch I

1. Basic Phrases

2. Pronunciation

3. Alphabet

4. Nouns and Gender

5. Articles and Demonstratives

6. Subject Pronouns

7. To Be and to Have

8. Useful Words

9. Question Words

10. Numbers

11. Days of the Week

12. Months of the Year

13. Seasons

14. Directions

15. Colors and Shapes

16. Time

17. Weather

18. Family and Pets

19. To Know People and Facts

20. Formation of Plural Nouns

Dutch II

21. Possessive Adjectives

22. To Do or Make

23. Work

24. Prepositions

25. Countries and Nationalities

26. Negative Sentences

27. To Come and to Go

28. To and From Countries and Cities

29. Conjugating Regular Verbs

30. Irregularities in Regular Verbs

31. Modal Verbs

32. Reflexive Verbs

33. Verbs with Prepositions

34. Separable Prefixes

35. Inseparable Prefixes

36. Present Perfect Tense

37. Irregular Past Participles

38. Zijn Verbs

39. Food and Meals

40. Fruits, Vegetables, Meats

The Netherlands National Anthem

Belgium National Anthem

Dutch III

41. Word Order

42. Commands

43. Subordinating Conjunctions

44. Holiday Phrases

45. Blijven and laten

46. Places

47. Transportation

48. Simple Past Tense

49. Irregular Stems in Simple Past Tense

50. House and Furniture

51. Staan, liggen, and zitten

52. Clothing

53. Future Tense

54. Verb Meanings

55. Inflections of Adjectives

56. Adjectives

57. Comparative and Superlative

58. Sports

59. Nature

60. Object Pronouns

Dutch IV

61. Parts of the Body

62. Relative Pronouns

63. Uses of Er

64. Animals

65. Infinitive Constructions

66. Past perfect tense

67. Conditional

68. Diminutives

69. Present Participle

70. Passive Voice

Dutch Phrases, Vocabulary and Grammar with free audio

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