Why I Hate Low-Cost Airlines (Notably Easyjet)

We had a great time in Italy until we tried to get back to France. Our flight was scheduled for 6:15pm on July 4th. It is now 3:42am July 5th and we are still in Venice. The flight was delayed later and later until finally at midnight, it was cancelled. There were storms here tonight, but every other flight was able to take off except ours. There were no announcements at all the entire time from Easyjet so we had no idea what was going on.

Then we find out all the Easyjet crew had left the airport and there was no one to help us. One hundred passengers abandoned at an airport that was closing. The police wanted us all to leave, but go where? All of the hotels are supposedly booked because of the festival, and there’s no public transportation after 1 am anyway.

So we’re still camping out at the security area, annoying the police who were supposed to go home hours ago. Luckily they haven’t kicked us outside yet.

Easyjet is supposed to pay for a hotel and give us food and water and telephone calls when a flight is cancelled. I’m sure they’ll find a reason to say it was beyond their control and it was an extraordinary circumstance (because storms never happen, right?) so our passenger rights don’t have to be respected. I am thoroughly disgusted at the way people are treated. I’ve seen too many children crying and old people suffering that I feel sick.

I know these things happen when dealing with flying and airports, but this is the first time I’ve ever experienced something this bad. People are missing work, have no access to medication they need, and no one will help us. It’s not like there was a volcanic eruption. It was a storm that passed in an hour and every other flight at this airport was able to take off.

Low-cost airlines might be a good deal, but I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to buy a ticket from them again knowing how they treat human beings.

  • oh no! good luck getting back to france 🙁

  • I've always cared more about an airline's service record than the few dollars I can save, and my loyalty to the better airlines usually makes up for that price difference in the form of miles programs, etc.

    Also, I kept a watchful eye on the names of airlines attached to the experiences during the volcano a few months ago, and allowed that to shape my plans for all future European travel.

    At present, I'm quite comfortable letting Lufthansa get me where I need to go.

  • Crystal

    oh no! that's really too bad. I wonder how they will justify this…I also wonder if it will be on the French news tonight. When I was stuck in Iceland for an extra day because of their freak airline strike, we were at least in the hotel and given regular updates on the progress. It turned out to be more comical than anything, but I also had access to food and water…

    Hope that by the time you get this comment you are back in France. I imagine you'll be exhausted. Good luck copine!

  • Damnit, I'm moving house with Easyjet in a few weeks. I've managed to avoid flying with them for my entire stretch of travels… I hope I'll not suffer through a similar experience!

  • That sucks, but I hoped it get sorted out soon. I've taken Easyjet before without problems, but you just never know.

  • Josefin (Sweden calling)

    Like your blog 🙂 And your website, it's very helpful! Why did you want to study swedish? I was really surprised when I saw it on your site! (So I just had to correct one thing and say that swedes often say “tack” instead of “snälla” ex. Skulle jag kunna få mjölken tack?

  • Zhu

    This is partially why we decided to go to London and skip a great long WE offer I had spotted — it didn't seem to be very planned not very organized.

    It's not just low-cost airlines though, we had a very similar problem two years ago with American Airlines and ended paying for our hotel.

  • I've had some crummy experiences on American too. But nothing like this! That sounds horribly frustrating Jenny.

  • Robert E. Coli

    Low cost airlines are the way to go! Hidden charges keep you from worrying, snug seating keeps you from rattling around on board. Don't bother with those fancy airlines!

    Robert E. Coli
    CEO Thromby Air – Lowest of the Low

  • This is the trade off with budget airllines. Luckily, you were on vacation and not on a business trip or it would have been a bigger mess. Next time, spend a few hundred dollars more for better service. Hopefully.