Waiting Situations

Short update on how things never change here: Six weeks and no new carte de séjour or French driver’s license. Big surprise.

Still no news from the rectorat either. I just have to wait until someone in Haute-Savoie quits or doesn’t show up, so that means another few weeks of waiting.

At least my old school still hasn’t heard from the Trinidad girl, but that could be because she hasn’t received her arrêté yet. I tracked down another Trinidad assistant online (Thanks Keisha!) and asked if she knew the assistant assigned to Grenoble. Unfortunately she didn’t, but she said that she just received her arrêté and now has to rush to get a visa and plane ticket.

I’m actually kinda hoping to get renewed after the mandatory 3 day orientation in Grenoble/Autrans/the middle of nowhere which starts on Tuesday. I hated it so much last year, and I really wouldn’t want to go again. The food was amazing, but the run-down hostel with no hot water was a bit annoying. Plus no internet! No way.

La rentrée du cinéma is awesome, btw. I paid 2.50 € to see an American movie in ENGLISH.