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Thesis: Submitted

I submitted my PhD thesis for examination this week. “Congratulations! / That’s exciting! / It must feel good to have that done.” is the normal response from everyone, but I honestly don’t feel any different. Technically I am not completely done with the thesis because Australia does not have the same system of oral defense for doctorates that many other countries use.


So. much. paper.

Autsralian PhD students submit a thesis to two examiners, one in Australia and one abroad, who have 12 weeks to write a report and give a score between 1 (pass forthwith) and 5 (fail/accept as Master’s). If the score is anything less than 1, students have a few weeks to a few months to make minor or major corrections before printing the final copy, and only after that is the degree officially conferred by the university. The whole process is supposed to take 3 to 6 months after submission, and so I do not actually know when I will be able to put Dr. before my name.

I also have not yet found a job or a way to stay in Australia so I may have to leave the country in a few months, which is an endless source of stress. I suppose the main reason why submitting my thesis changes nothing for me is that it does not actually help that much with finding a job. Most job listings specify “must have PhD in hand” by time of appointment, meaning the degree must already be conferred. I was rejected from one job because I did not yet have my PhD, the second I never heard back from, which is just cruel and unfortunately a common occurrence in academia, and the third re-listed the job announcement with a new closing date, which I’m assuming is bad news for me.

In the meantime, I’m teaching French and linguistics this semester (as a casual tutor), which I enjoy immensely. My students are great, as always, and I’m already sad that I won’t be able to teach them again next semester.

Applied Linguistics Associations of Australia & NZ Conference in Adelaide 2015

The 2015 combined conference of the Applied Linguistics Associations of Australia and New Zealand (ALAA and ALANZ) – together with the Association for Language Testing and Assessment of Australia and New Zealand (ALTAANZ) – will be held November 30 to December 2 in Adelaide, Australia. The Research Centre for Languages and Cultures at the University […] Continue reading →

Plans for 2015

Happy 2015 all! Bonne année ! Buon anno! Feliz año nuevo! Feliz ano novo! Frohes neues Jahr! Gelukkig nieuwjaar! Gelukkige nuwe jaar! Gott nytt år! 2015 is the year I submit my thesis, hopefully have the right to put Dr. before my name, and maybe find a permanent job (fingers crossed!). If you hear of […]
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Applied Linguistics, CALL and French Conferences in 2014 and Beyond

Upcoming conferences on applied linguistics, computer-assisted language learning/teaching with technology, general language teaching & learning or French studies:   Applied Linguistics / Materials Design Organization Dates Abstracts due Location American Association of Applied Linguistics (AAAL) March 22-25, 2014 closed Marriott Downtown in Portland, Oregon Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics (CAAL / ACLA) May 26-28, 2014 […]
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Applied Linguistics Conference in New Zealand

I’m off to New Zealand in two weeks to present at the Applied Linguistics Association of New Zealand / Applied Linguistics Association of Australia conference in Wellington. My presentation is “Formality and Francophonie: Stylistic and geographic variation in university textbooks of French” (Spoiler alert: there isn’t much.) The conference is November 27-29 at Victoria University […]
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Conferences for Applied Linguistics, CALL, Language Teaching & Learning and French

If you’re interested in attending or presenting at conferences on applied linguistics, computer-assisted language learning, modern/foreign languages or French studies, here are some upcoming conferences. You still have time to submit abstracts for some of them. I plan on being in Wellington this November for the ALAA/ALANZ conference and Brisbane next August for the AILA […]
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Non-Linguists, Please Stop Trying to Do or Talk About Linguistics Without the Help of Actual Linguists

Ben Zimmer has a wonderful article on “When physicists do linguistics” over at the Boston Globe, which can perhaps be best summarized by this comic from xkcd: Joking aside, I am happy that other disciplines have an interest in language – however, I hate when other disciplines try to do linguistic research and fail because […]
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