Three weeks later

I’ve been in France for 3 weeks now. I love it here. Annecy is so beautiful and the mountains are always in sight. I’ve made some good friends with the other language assistants and work is fun. I like all of the English teachers I work with and the students are enthusiastic about learning English. I watch a lot of TV and read a lot of French as a Second Language books because I really want to become completely fluent in this language.

I will have a vacation from work soon, and I might go to either Lyon or Lille. I don’t really like taking the train in France, but only because I almost went to Geneva instead of Annecy the last time I took a train (as did many other assistants). I really want to travel as much as possible while I’m here, which will be easy because I have 3 other 2 week vacations during the school year.

I have to go to Grenoble on Wednesday for my medical visit and try to get my Carte de Séjour on Thursday. Those are the last two things in the mound of paperwork I had to do. Buying a cellphone and opening a bank account were easy compared to getting a residency card.

I wish everyone could move abroad at some point in their life. You learn so much!

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Why is Jennie no longer in France?

I created this blog in September 2006 when I moved to France from Michigan to teach English. Many of the earlier posts are about my personal life in France, dealing with culture shock, traveling in Europe and becoming fluent in French. In July 2011, I relocated to Australia to start my PhD in Applied Linguistics. Although I am no longer living in France, my research is on foreign language pedagogy and I teach French at a university so these themes appear most often on the blog. I also continue to post about traveling and being an American abroad.


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