• Oh no! Congrats on finishing (sort of), but I’m sad you may not be able to stay in Australia! I have heard it’s quite difficult to immigrate there, as I was considering doing that at one point.

    • Thanks. I’m sad too since the whole reason I came here to do a PhD was because I thought I would be able to get permanent residency afterwards. Unfortunately for me, university lecturer is not on the (current) skills shortage list so I’d need a job offer to apply for PR status. :/ It is probably getting harder to immigrate here, and I know that the cost has pretty much doubled compared to last year.

  • Lauren

    The Australian system is weir, with its many little finishing hurdles, and none of which feel like the definitive ‘completion’ – but congrats on getting past the messiest and most exhausting! Waiting for examination reports to come back is a weird time, but I hope things start falling into place now!

    • Thanks Lauren! I’m definitely in a weird place right now since my lease is also expiring soon and I need to buy plane tickets (for me and my cat) if I am leaving the country for good. Everything is up in the air at the moment, and I’m still waiting for it to really set in that I’m done with my thesis (sort of).

  • isayoui.wordpress.com

    Rooting for you!

    I definitely understand the stress of having one’s situation up in the air. I hope you have some enjoyable moments there in the meantime, even so.

  • Wow, three to six months that’s a long time to wait ! hopefully it will be more three than six.

    And most importantly, congratulations for having finished your thesis!

  • Wini

    I’m sure everything will work out for you! (I can totally sympathize; I’m trying to stay in France!) It’s so hard being in a state of uncertainty for an extended period of time. Congratulations on submitting your thesis!