Thank You André and Rest in Peace

My father-in-law, André, passed away yesterday. He was a very kind man and a devoted husband, father and grandfather. A few months ago, he helped contribute to the French Listening Resources mp3s by answering a few questions on French cuisine, traveling around the world and France’s national holiday. I hope that his words, spoken with his slight Provençal accent, help French learners understand the beautiful language and culture that he was so proud of.

Mon beau-père, André, s’est éteint hier. C’était un homme très gentil et un mari, père et grand-père dévoué. Il y a quelques mois, il a contribué à French Listening Resources en répondant aux questions sur la cuisine française, le tour du monde, et la fête nationale française. J’espère que ses mots, parlés avec son léger accent provençal, aident les apprenants de français à comprendre la belle langue et la culture dont il était tellement fier.

He was diagnosed in early 2006 with stage IV lung cancer, which has a five-year survival rate of 1 to 5%. And he did survive longer than five years, which I like to think is proof of his unfailing commitment to take care of his family. During that time, his granddaughter Mélina was born and he was able to spend nearly three wonderful years with her. I met him in October 2006, shortly after my arrival in France, and even though his doctor thought that he would have passed away by then, he was full of life and happiness. That is how I will always remember him.

Au début 2006, on lui a diagnostiqué un cancer du poumon au stade IV, qui a un taux de survie de cinq ans de 1 à 5%. Et il a survécu pendant plus de cinq ans, ce qui (j’aime bien penser) est la preuve de son dévouement intarissable à sa famille. Pendant ce temps-là, sa petite-fille Mélina était née et il a pu passer trois années merveilleuses avec elle. Je l’ai connu en october 2006, peu après mon arrivée en France, et même si le médecin avait dit qu’il s’en serait déjà allé à cette époque, il était plein de vie et de bonheur. Je m’en souviendrai toujours de lui comme ça.

André with his granddaughter, Mélina, in 2008
André avec sa petite-fille, Mélina, en 2008

Thank you André for creating such a great family and letting me be a part of it. Thank you for teaching me and so many others the French language. You will never be forgotten.

Merci André d’avoir fondé une famille exceptionnelle et de m’avoir permis d’en faire partie. Merci de m’avoir appris à moi et à tant d’autres la langue française. On t’oubliera jamais.

  • All my condolences to you and your family.

  • Milleau

    So sorry to hear it. My babysitter’s husband passed away from lung cancer just last year. The same scenario: he hung on for five years. I hope they find a cure one day, and soon.

  • I’m so sorry for your loss. It’s nice you have so many good memories of him and not just of the illness. It’s great you recorded some of his stories, I bet Mélina will like hearing the mp3s of her grandfather when she’s older.

  • David

    I have only just started following your ‘blog. My sincere condolences at this sad and difficult time. David, Australia.

  • Margaret

    My sincere condolences to David and his family, especially… I suppose it’s better that you knew it was coming than if it had been a complete surprise, since at least you had the consolation of having had time to say goodbye…although I don’t even know if you feel that way, because cancer is also just so horrible…it’s all very very sad. I’m so sorry.

  • I’m very sorry for your loss, and I congratulate you on having had the foresight to record him before he passed, I hope his grandchildren and their children will have the opportunity to listen to him when they’re older.



  • Rolf

     i am sorry :I may him rest in peace