Success! Again!

By   October 5, 2007

I would just like to say I’m sorry to everyone else in France who is having problems with their préfecture and getting/renewing their cartes de séjour. I went to pick up my new carte today, and it was very easy and painless. It expires when I thought it would, and I was also able to make another appointment soon to do a changement du statut. I now have a CDS visiteur valid until the end of March, but I need to change it back to a travailleur temporaire one like I had last year because I’m working for the rectorat again. The woman gave me the list of required documents, but since I already live in France and was an assistant last year, I don’t need to do the medical visit again or need to have a new visa! I just need to get my new arrêté de nomination and procès-verbal before my appointment on November 22. Then that new card should be valid until sometime in May, when I can do yet another changement for the vie privée et familiale card, which will give me the right to work in France for a year for the low price of 70 €.

So to make a short story even shorter, if you don’t want any problems with your carte de séjour, move to Annecy.