Spanish Accents Game by El País

Fun Spanish Accents Game

Play a Spanish Accents Game

Here’s a fun game to see if you can hear the various Spanish accents around the world. El País has a multiple choice quiz where you choose a country depending on which accent you hear in the video.


Spanish Accents Game Screenshot


I have no problems hearing differences in the accents from Spain, Mexico, and Argentina, but the others are still difficult for me to distinguish. Luckily the videos in the game are actually of people talking about a certain word or expression used in their country, so if you have knowledge of regional vocabulary, you can still figure out what country they are referring to even if you aren’t sure by the sound of the accent alone.

Try it out and see how many you can get!

  • Taste of France

    Does this exist in French? The accent in the south is so different from the north, and again from Belgium.

    • I haven’t found one for France, but that would be very interesting.

  • This is cool! I remember when I realized the huge diversity in Spanish language accents– I was under the impression that schools tend to give, that Spanish is an easy to pronounce language with no silent letters….. Yeah, not so much in a lot of regions!

    • Yes, school Spanish or textbook Spanish greatly reduces the variation among the varieties of Spanish. Once you get out into the real Spanish-speaking world, you realize how much more you have to learn!