Review of Mango Passport & On the Go and Free Product Giveaway for Twitter Users

Last fall, I included Mango Languages for Libraries in my review of language learning websites. If you do not have access to Mango through your library or would like your own personal copy of the program that is not dependent on an internet connection, Mango Languages now offers Passport software and On the Go mp3 downloads for individual users, available in the following languages: Chinese (Mandarin), English as a Second Language, Farsi, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian, Spanish, Thai, Turkish, and Vietnamese.

The Mango Passport software includes 10 chapters with several lessons each and a review at the end of each chapter. Some languages have more lessons than others; for example, the Italian program that I reviewed has 52, while Czech has 67, Vietnamese has 76 and Japanese has 84. You can try one lesson for free online to see what the program is like, or if you do have access through your library, the Passport software is the same as the Mango for Libraries Complete 2.0 course. Each lesson provides dialogs and conversations in the target language, with color-coded vocabulary, phonetic transcriptions when you hover over the word, voice comparisons for testing your own pronunciation, and timed “cards” so that you must recall the target word or phrase.  Each chapter builds up vocabulary, grammar and culture without being too explicit (especially for grammar) for basic conversation and traveling needs.  The ten chapters in Italian are: Greetings, Gratitude, Goodbyes; Do you speak English?; What’s your name?; Where’s the station?; How much does it cost?; I’d like to order; Can I pay by credit card?; I need help; How do you say Thank you in Italian?; What is it?; plus the course review.

The On the Go product is the audio version of the Passport software. The Main Course mp3s are in the same order as the 10 chapters in Passport, and there is also a Quick Course which doesn’t include the memory exercises so the time is cut in half if you prefer a faster version. Three Review sets of mp3s are also included: Cultural, Phrase and Vocabulary; as well as a nice PDF booklet with all the transcripts.  The booklet does also include the cultural and grammar notes plus the phonetic transcriptions of each word.

The program does not claim that you will gain fluency (and I really don’t believe that any one program will make you fluent) and remember that these products are for beginners. If you already have knowledge of the language, it will probably be too slow and not extensive enough for increasing your vocabulary beyond the basic conversational level. Only neutral accents are used for the recordings, which have been scripted and rehearsed, so it is not the best bet if you are looking for advanced authentic audio with regional accents.  Please check out Mango‘s website, read the FAQs, and try the free lesson to see if the program will suit your needs. The introductory price per language for the Passport software is $150, while the On the Go mp3s are $100 – however, if you buy them together as a Bundle, the price is $200.  If you are interested in mobile apps, Mango Languages will be releasing an iPhone/iPod Touch app this summer.


I have one free copy of Mango Passport & On the Go Bundle to give away, a value of $200!

To participate in this Twitter giveaway, follow these instructions:

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3. Tweet the following phrase “I just entered the @ielanguages giveaway of a Mango Passport Language Bundle from @mangolanguages” before Sunday, February 20, 2011, at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time. One entry per person.

4. After verifying the follows and tweets, I will choose one entry at random on Monday and contact the winner through e-mail with the promo code for redeeming their free copy of Passport Mango & On the Go in one language of their choice.

Thanks for participating! [This giveaway has ended. Please check newer blog posts for further product giveaways!]

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  • Hi Jennie –

    Thank you so much for reviewing our product. You are a long way from Michigan! Nice to see us Michiganders are all over the world! If you are ever in town and want to tour our offices, we would love to meet you!

    Just a quick note about your review. The Italian program you reviewed has 10 chapters and 52 lessons. Many of our other courses have several more lessons. They vary depending on difficulty of the language grammar and structure. Italian is one of the easiest to teach! 😉 I hope that helps your readers.

    Thank you again for the great review. We are so excited to work with your readers and give a copy away.

    • Thanks for the info Beverly. I’ve updated the post to reflect the number of lessons.

      I’d love to see the offices and meet everyone who works there someday. Too bad I have no idea when I’ll be back home again. 🙁 Will someone take a picture of the Robocop statue for me when it’s built?

  • Kimba

    Ooh, been looking at the Mango Languages Program for a while, thanks for the info! What a great giveaway!

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    I’ve heard great things about Mango…thanks for the chance!
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    Hi, Jennifer! I’ve really been enjoying collecting the Italian phrases you post with translation. Thanks for thos!

    Katy (@discoveryhouse)

  • I’ve never heard of Mango before, but it sounds great!

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  • Tad

    Sounds like great software.

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    My fingers are crossed! Twitter: @natorious1221

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    Sounds good. Teaching English in France and learning French at the same time. @le_friwi

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  • Andy R

    Wow, this is the only review I could find for Mango On The Go, and it’s six years old! I recently joined the eStories audiobook club. They sell up to three levels of each language for US$38.50 (retail price $55). Each level contains from 20 to 65 hours of audio, which is a lot for any audio language course–but they only offer nine or ten languages. So I’m planning to buy one of them soon and give it a try. I sampled one of the online Mango courses at my library a few years ago and liked it–but I prefer not to study languages on my computer or phone. Anyway, thanks for the review.