Pronunciator: Free Vocabulary & Phrases in 60 Languages

Time flies when you’re having fun! It’s been nearly two weeks since I last posted and my only excuse is that I love working on my PhD so much that I spend all my time with my books and articles instead of my computer. I’m barely keeping up with updating the site and responding to e-mails, but I did receive a very nice e-mail yesterday that I wanted to share.

My review of some language learning websites that I posted 18 months ago in which I said “I just wanted to learn some vocabulary (and how to pronounce the words) online since my main focus on learning languages in the beginning stages is to simply understand what people are saying, and to be able to say a few phrases to get around while traveling. I don’t worry so much about forming grammatically correct sentences or having long conversations just yet.” inspired Robert to create a company and website to do just that.

Pronunciator launched on September 1st and it contains basic vocabulary, verbs, phrases, and conversation in 60 languages. There are 421 units of multiple lessons and 3 million pages for you to explore, all completely free. (Not all of the content is up yet, but it’s coming.) In addition to the audio flashcards, there are listening and reading exercises plus playback and vocal recognition modes where you can compare your pronunciation to the native speaker. Check out the site and thank Robert for putting so much work into it and helping others to learn languages for free!

  • Inspiré

    Il n’est pas le seul pour qui tu est inspiratrice!

    • Grammatically Correct

      ES, deuxième personne singulier, imbécile va!
      Préoccupé, peut-être.

      • Inspiré

        Tiens, ça m’amuse de me parler moi-même!  Bon, je m’arrête.

  • Tut nix zur Sache

    I wonder what the business model of this website is. What’s more, everything is done with Flash, no possibility to download texts and audios – not a good thing…

    • Anonymous

      the business model is just the adds on the sidebar. I think.

  • Ok, so far this looks very interesting.  I also like the fact that they make a point to distinguish Iberian from Latin American Spanish, very nifty and not something you often see 🙂


  • kajun

    it’s not free!!!

  • Lampon

    Croatian materials are hard to find so I was hopeful……I paid to try it and found several errors with Croatian and queried with them with support, they just emailed screen shots of google books showing three books that had made the same error. They also told me they decided on a standard Croatian dialect ( was is that then? No response) and were happy the issue was consistent through the course not whether it was right or wrong.
    I cancelled the subscription so I’m down $30.