Possible good news

By   September 2, 2007

I talked to the responsable at my old school (Lycée Charles Baudelaire) this morning, and he’s going to try to get me a job this year. Apparently there’s a meeting at the end of September (before the assistants start), so he’ll do what he can. Croisez les doigts pour moi !

Through the magic of the internet, I’ve found one of the two new assistants at Baudelaire and she arrives on September 10. I can’t wait to show her around Annecy and help her get settled. I don’t know why I can’t find the other Baudelaire assistant who took my old post. I guess I’m just so used to finding everything I’m looking for on the internet that it’s annoying when I can’t.

Mom sent me this link today: We Didn’t Start the Fire I thought it was neat. Might be helpful for teaching 20th century American history/culture.