Bad news but in a nice way

After sending countless e-mails to the rectorat of Grenoble, I finally sent a few to people who work specifically for Haute-Savoie. I was told I haven’t been renewed and all the posts are already taken, which I assumed would happen. But at least they were nice about it:

Tous les postes sont pourvus pour le moment, j’ai verifie que vous etiez bien sur la liste. On vous contactera des que des demissions auront lieu et ce sera probablement en septembre. En tous cas vous avez priorite sur les recrutes locaux, il y a donc toutes les chances pour que vous ayez quelque chose. Si vous n’avez toujours rien en septembre refaites-moi un message.
Bonnes vacances

Basically, I’m on the waiting list and as soon as someone quits (probably in September), I have a good chance of taking their post. Great. More waiting.

I knew this would most likely be the outcome, but it still hurts. New assistants are supposed to have priority over renewing assistants, which I understand, but then why have some people been able to renew right away with no problems? Especially EU citizens who could easily get different jobs anyway.

As a non-EU citizen, this is the only job I could legally have until I get my CDS vie privée et familiale (in February 2008!) I just don’t understand. All of the teachers loved me and wanted me back. The husband of one of them even works for the Inspection Académique and he couldn’t help me. I wrote letters to the rectorat saying that I’m staying in France anyway and I want to teach ESL as a career, so this is great experience for me. But nothing worked.

I have little hope that someone within an hour of me will quit their job. It’s not like I’m going to attempt to commute 2 or 3 hours to a school, or move somewhere else in the académie.

The application for the 2008-2009 school year will be up in October. Hopefully we’ll be in Quebec by the end of 2008 though.

Two weeks later

+-*What have I been able to accomplish in the past two weeks? You would think quite a lot since I have no real job and plenty of free time. But that really doesn’t matter when you have to wait and wait and wait for things to be done by the French bureaucracy. Still no new […]

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Thiou River

+-*I took a little stroll along the Thiou river yesterday. It’s the shortest river in France at 3.5 km long. It connects the lake in Annecy (cleanest lake in Europe) to the Fier river, and is also featured in every touristic photo ever taken in Annecy because it makes up the cute little canals in […]

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Les Nouveaux Assistants

+-*I still read the forums at everyday, seeing if I can answer any questions about the program. Recently I discovered the Facebook group too (when did Facebook get so annoyingly popular??) so now I’m spending even more time not doing the things I should be doing, a.k.a improving my French. But if I can […]

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Les argots

+-*More and more, I’m starting to believe that there is a secret society that banishes authors from teaching real French in any books. French has such an astounding number of slang words and expressions, as well as a spoken form that is sometimes nearly unrecognizable from the written form, that I truly believe this entire […]

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Just another day in France

+-*Happy 4th of July! The Fourth of July at NPR

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Les Soldes

+-*The semi-annual sales are taking place right now in France. The government allows stores to have sales twice a year, once in January and once in July. I didn’t feel like shopping much in January when I had the worst flu of my life, so I decided to take advantage of the second round of […]

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July 1, 1867

+-*Happy Canada Day! Canada Day Quiz from CBC News

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Good news

+-*I went to the optician this morning to choose my frames (ma monture). I’m getting new glasses and new contacts for a year, for a grand total of 130 €. I could have even gotten a second pair of glasses (prescription sunglasses, for example) for only 14 €, but I don’t need them. Go Mutuelle […]

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La Fête de la Musique

+-*The first day of summer is celebrated by la fête de la musique everywhere in France. Big cities have huge outdoor celebrations for all sorts of music. The one in Paris is televised, of course. Since I live in a suburb of Annecy, the local fête here was rather small – it was actually nothing […]

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