Am I really posting about television?

Since I spend/waste a lot of time watching TV these days, I thought I’d give you a sample of my channel choices. I do live in a dégroupée area, so I have 150 “cable” channels. However, when you realize what these channels actually are, it’s not as cool. But since our TV/internet/telephone costs only 30 € a month, I think it’s great as we would have to pay 2-3 times that much for the same thing in the US.

No Life – Video game channel (I’m not kidding, it’s really called this)
Poker Channel – Can you say boring? Boring times ten?
Karaoke Channel – You can even turn off the crappy voice singing in the background so everyone can hear your crappy voice instead.
Parliamentary Channel – And I thought the Poker channel was the most boring thing on television.
AB Moteurs – Like a Nascar channel, only French and classy.
GOD TV – GOD WANTS YOU TO SIT ON THE COUCH AND WATCH TV ALL DAY! (Jeux et Television) – Stupid non-stop call-in games that seem like scams to me.

There are several music videos channel that ::gasp:: play music videos. And then there’s MTV Europe. Plus lots of exciting foreign channels, like Romania International, TV Bulgaria, Armenia Public TV and Georgian TV. There seem to be a ton of Turkish, Arabic and Chinese channels too.

We also have “Free Home Video” (no idea why the name is in English) for an extra 6 € a month. We have 24 hour access to several movies and series (only those produced by Warner Brothers though). A lot of the movies suck because they are from the 80’s and early 90’s, but I’ve started watching series that I never watched in the US, such as FBI: Portés Disparus (Without a Trace) and New York 911 (Third Watch). I like reminiscing about New York when I watch these shows, but I think the main reason I like to watch them so much is that I can change the audio to English. I absolutely hate American shows dubbed in French. The voices are always awful and lips that don’t match with the words drive me crazy.

Je n’arrive pas à croire que je viens d’écrire au sujet de la télé en France. J’ai besoin de quelque chose à faire !

This one is for Leah.

Dix choses que vous ne saviez pas au sujet de moi… 1. I’ve been working on typing comparative vocabulary lists of the Romance and Germanic languages for, oh, about FIVE years now. And I’m still not done. It’s just so mind-numbingly boring to sit here and type word after word in Excel. But the finished […]

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Fromage Facile?

A few months ago, my dad sent me some Easy Cheese in a care package (along with Peanut Butter M&Ms and Paydays, among other American goodies). David was happy to try everything in the box… except for that suspicious spray can full of “cheese.” Cheddar cheese is not as prevalent in France as it is […]

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Five weeks and counting…

It has now officially been five weeks since the Prefecture told me my new Carte de Séjour was in Paris and that I should receive it soon. I wonder what the French definition of soon is. My récépissé expires in two weeks. I only have two months left to apply for my French driver’s license. […]

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I am back in Haute-Savoie. And I am freezing here, even though it is 20 degrees. (It was 36 in Vaucluse!) I have over 200 photos to sort through and upload. I miss Provence terribly already. Annecy is a beautiful place, but I’m anxious to move somewhere else. David told me he is too. I […]

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Vaucluse Photos

I love this vacation. It was so nice to not worry about airport workers rifling through my bags, or going over the weight limit, or bringing too many liquids. After 25 € in tolls and 3 hours of driving, we arrived in Provence. Everyday we get up and go to a new place, return to […]

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Les vacances

I am currently in the département of Vaucluse in the région of Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (PACA). I am in the south of France for a week-long vacation. David & I are staying at his uncle’s house in a small commune of 5,000 people. It’s so quiet and peaceful here. Plus there’s a pool! This place is […]

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The US was the only country to prohibit lighters on airplanes. That ban will be lifted on August 4. However, it’s still far too dangerous to bring more than 3 ounces of shampoo in your carry-on throughout most of the world. Everyone knows liquids explode more than lighters do! Cigarette lighters, breast milk OK on […]

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Crise cardiaque… ou presque

I almost had a heart attack thinking I wasn’t even on the waiting list of assistants… then I finished the rest of the first sentence. Que je suis bête quelque fois ! I don’t even remember e-mailing this person, especially since she only takes care of primaire assistants, but hey, I’m getting my name and […]

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Why I hate flying, reason #214

Does anyone else think it’s completely unfair that airlines have the right to change your flight itinerary at any time they choose? David & I bought our Christmas tickets to Michigan way back in January through Orbitz. Since then, our flight itinerary has been changed three times – always to more inconvenient times, such as […]

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Why is Jennie no longer in France?

I created this blog in September 2006 when I moved to France from Michigan to teach English. Many of the earlier posts are about my personal life in France, dealing with culture shock, traveling in Europe and becoming fluent in French. In July 2011, I relocated to Australia to start my PhD in Applied Linguistics. Although I am no longer living in France, my research is on foreign language pedagogy and I teach French at a university so these themes appear most often on the blog. I also continue to post about traveling and being an American abroad.


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