Visite médicale, times two

I went to Grenoble today for a medical visit required by the préfecture (or else no new carte de séjour). I had done the exact same thing last year when I first arrived in France, so at least I knew what to expect. But still, wasting 20 € and an entire day just to get a chest x-ray is rather annoying.

It took me 3 hours to get to the ANAEM office (bus, train, tram, walking), which was closed upon my arrival anyway. So I had to stand outside for 30 minutes trying not to freeze to death (why was it so ridiculously windy today?)

I recognized the same nurse and doctor as the previous year. I even had the same weight (you don’t want to know) and same bad left eye (I swear I got new contacts!). The doctor was just as inquisitive as before – Is Bush really as dumb as people say he is? Who do you think will be the next American president? Thank goodness Bush can’t be president for a third term!

20 minutes later and I was out the door, precious récépissé de visite médicale in my hand. I originally thought I wanted to do some Christmas shopping in the Grand’Place mall, but after dealing with so many random (and angry) people on three forms of public transportation plus the fact that I couldn’t stop shivering even indoors, I just wanted to go home and be warm.

I don’t know why, but Grenoble doesn’t impress me. Every time I go there, I find it dirty and bland; just like any other big city with old buildings. But that could be because every time I go there, it’s for les démarches administratives and nothing else. I get to go back in about 6 months for the new immigrant integration crap that Sarkozy passed into law recently. Usually it’s for new arrivals, but since I will be getting my first vie privée et familiale carte de séjour, I will have to do it too regardless of how long I’ve already been in France. Yippee.

So now my question is – what does one do with two x-rays of one’s chest? Start making a Halloween costume for next year?

Christmas Spirit

+-*So France doesn’t go crazy with Christmas decorations like the US does, so I’ve been having a hard time getting into the Christmas spirit this year. We finally bought some decorations this weekend so I feel a little better. Garland (guirlande), lights (guirlande électrique), card (carte) from Teresa, poinsettia plant from Jessica, and Joyeux Noël […]

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School & Public Transportation Vocabulary

+-*un débrayage – short stoppage in work, not necessarily caused by a strike. Can include short protests against something that cannot be changed, complete with speeches that cannot be heard over the noise of uninterested students happy to have an excuse to miss class. Also the cause of unexpected trous in one’s schedule (see below). […]

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Why I don’t prefer the US to France: High cost of university

+-*Anyone else think this is unfair? I took a class in the spring term (May/June), so my loan went into deferment, supposedly until 2010 – the year my university listed as my graduation date. But that wasn’t correct since I graduated just after that spring term in August 2007. (And I thought loans were automatically […]

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English Teaching Assistantships in Europe for American citizens

+-*Information and applications for the English teaching assistantships in Europe can be found at the following sites. You should have an intermediate knowledge of the language (French, Spanish, or German) but this really isn’t enforced for the French program… English Assistant in France Americans / Canadians / Australians / New Zealanders / CIEP Site Teach […]

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Crisis averted!

+-*My website is back online!!!

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As if I didn’t have enough of a headache already…

+-*I still haven’t got my website back online, but I think I found a new host. Now if only they would hurry up and send me my login details so I can upload files… Today’s drama is about my student loans, however. They were put into deferment in May when I went back to school […]

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+-*My entire website is gone. My host decided to delete my account. I have no idea why. Here is the crappy e-mail I received: Hi,We are regret to inform you that your hosting account for domain has been closed.due repeated email issues and per terms of conditions we closed this account.during the last 24 […]

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Success (sort of) again.

+-*Is it weird that I actually don’t mind going to the préfecture? Since I had finally received my new arrêté de nomination and procès-verbal (six weeks late, but no biggie, right?!?), I had to head back to the préf and do another changement du statut from visiteur to travailleur temporaire. I was a tiny bit […]

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Je suis de mauvaise humeur.

+-*The strike is finally over! Well, almost. I don’t have to take a train again until Friday, so I’m happy. I want to know why the SNCF thinks they can replace a train with one little bus and think there will be enough room for everyone. Luckily I work close to the provenance of the […]

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Why is Jennie no longer in France?

I created this blog in September 2006 when I moved to France from Michigan to teach English. Many of the earlier posts are about my personal life in France, dealing with culture shock, traveling in Europe and becoming fluent in French. In July 2011, I relocated to Australia to start my PhD in Applied Linguistics. Although I am no longer living in France, my research is on foreign language pedagogy and I teach French at a university so these themes appear most often on the blog. I also continue to post about traveling and being an American abroad.


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