No jobs for Michigan

Forbes recently ran an article on the best and worst cities for jobs in the US. And surprise, surprise, Michigan cities appear most on the worst list.

It’s understandable that New Orleans is currently the worst city for jobs, and it’s probably obvious what #2 and #3 are as well: Detroit and Flint. And how interesting is it that Detroit and Flint are also ranked #2 and #3 for most dangerous cities in the US? Coincidence?

The rest of the worst cities for jobs are 4. Canton, OH; 5. Warren, MI; 6. Hickory, NC; 7. Lansing, MI; 8. Dayton, OH; 9. Youngstown, OH; 10. Ann Arbor, MI. Half the list is Michigan! I love my home state, but my god, does its economy suck!

From the article:
“The main artery for job loss in the U.S. runs through Ohio and Michigan, which had eight of the 10 metros with the biggest job losses. Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both campaigned vigorously in Ohio in February, blasting the North American Free Trade Agreement. No doubt that was an appeal to voters in places like Canton, Dayton and Youngstown, where NAFTA is associated with sinking employment.

“NAFTA is used as a whipping boy for all the problems that these areas are struggling with,” says Zandi. Yet the culprit for most of the lost jobs in the area is the deterioration of the domestic auto industry. The struggles of Chrysler, Ford Motor and General Motors have caused thousands of jobs to flee locales with heavy auto employment, like Detroit and Flint.

Any turnaround in these cities is likely to take years, and there is no silver bullet that will do it. But Zandi has three tenets that these cities should follow. First, educate the population. In Canton, Detroit, Flint and Youngstown, less than 18% of the adult population has a college degree. Next up, work on improving the infrastructure.

Finally it is important to keep costs down to try and entice new businesses. Michigan in particular has work to do on this front. Business costs in Ann Arbor, Detroit and Warren are all above the national average.”

And the best cities for jobs: 1. Cape Coral, FL; 2. Las Vegas, NV; 3. McAllen, TX; 4. Port St. Lucie, FL; 5. Naples, FL; 6. Ocala, FL; 7. Riverside, CA; 8. Provo, UT; 9. Myrtle Beach, SC; 10. Phoenix, AZ.

So if I ever did move back to the US, I’m heading for the Southwest – though I will always be a Midwesterner at heart!

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