Looking Ahead to 2010

Winter seems to be over already. Those 3 days of cold and snow were enough. Now it’s rainy and nearly 50 F, which is fine by me since I only like winter in North America. One good thing about not going home for Christmas is not getting stuck at airports or train stations like so many people did this past weekend. So it’s a good thing we stayed in France this year (I keep telling myself…)

I’ve decided I would really like to travel – hopefully to a warmer place – during winter break in February. I’m looking into Madrid and Lisbon for a few days, but I’m not sure if David can come with me and I really hate traveling alone.

My university has its spring break in mid-April, and then one more week of classes, which I think is quite stupid. I should finish my classes on April 22 and since I have no exams to administer for the second semester, I will be on vacation! I’m already planning a trip to Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and Germany (with quick stops across the border in Lille & Strasbourg) with Michelle for June. Then David & I are planning on going to Quebec in July.

I was thinking about Croatia for May. Plane tickets from Geneva to Split are only 25€!!! Anybody wanna be my travel buddy??

Thinking about traveling seems to cheer me up a little. Countries are so close together in Europe and plane tickets can be so cheap. I haven’t left France (or even Rhône-Alpes) in four months and I’m getting a bit too restless. I’m tired of just sitting around in Chambéry feeling bored because the weather is crap and there’s not much to do. It’s still my goal to visit at least 3 new countries every year, so let’s see if I actually make it to Portugal and Croatia (Luxembourg is definite, at least).

Lost: Motivation

+-*I had intended to work on my website during vacation, but my lack of motivation is astounding. I keep thinking about next semester and what I should be doing to prepare for it even though it doesn’t start until January 18. Then I think about the summer and what I should be doing to prepare […]

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Dreaming of a White Christmas…

+-*Il a neigé sur Chambéry hier ! / It snowed in Chambery yesterday! The parking lot yesterday when the snow started The parking lot this morning Someone didn’t know what to think about the white flakes My poor little car (the roads and sidewalks are not salted or cleared at all) I tried to make […]

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Germany = Christmas

+-*I’m officially on Christmas vacation, except for a few things to grade and absences to count up for my labs. Now I can finally start answering all the e-mails that have been sitting in my Inbox forever. I really want to work on my French tutorials and add a listening section, but Christmas always put […]

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Fahrenheit vs. Celsius

+-*Sometimes I don’t think I will ever get used to non-American measurements. The Metric system and Celsius degrees are much more logical, but it’s not what I spent most of my life using and even after years of living in the country that was the first to adopt the Metric system, I still find it […]

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French Christmas Songs

+-*Learn French through Christmas songs! La chanson en cours de FLE has a few listening activities for the first 3 songs if you want to test yourself. Petit Papa Noël Vive le Vent (Jingle Bells) Mon Beau Sapin (Oh Christmas Tree) Douce Nuit (Silent Night) Au Royaume du Bonhomme Hiver (Walkin’ in a Winter Wonderland)

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Oh Tiny Christmas Tree

+-*Trees here are so oddly-shaped and small, but it smells like pine and that’s good enough for me. That is an elephant ornament as a topper. A teacher at my first lycée back in 2006 gave it to me. And since Chambéry is the elephant city, I think it’s fitting.

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Le Marché de Noël à Chambéry

+-*I have to say the marché here is a little depressing. It’s very small and there aren’t many decorations or interesting things to buy. Plus the weather is just awful, so I’m sure that contributed to my dislike of the marché. Shoving your way through the crowd is bad enough when it’s not raining and […]

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Le Téléthon 2009 à Annecy

+-*I had completely forgotten that the Téléthon would be in Annecy this year. France2 is showing live video from the lake right now. It is nice to see the pretty buildings and mountains on TV, but I’m still glad to no longer live there.  It is a great place to visit though, especially in the […]

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Free Audiobooks in Foreign Languages

+-*Listen, listen, listen! Some of these sites also include the text and translation into English. French: audiocite.net and litteratureaudio.com Italian: radio.rai.it Spanish: albalearning.com and leerescuchando.net German: vorleser.net Dutch: radioboeken.be and biblioo.nl

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