Tastes and Tours of the French Alps

The following is a guest post by Cynthia Caughey Annet, an American who also lives in Chambéry. She is the author of american-in-france.com, a blog full of great videos, photos, recipes, travel tips, and observations on expat life in France and the French Alps.

Looking for unique gifts this holiday season? Does your spouse, best friend or relative have a love of all things French? Then check out this first gift idea – a summertime French Alps Tour.

With your loved one, wander the medieval town of Annecy, nicknamed the Venice of the French Alps, and take a boat ride on its crystal blue lake. Do you like pampering yourself on your vacations, then why not spend an afternoon at the Aix-les-Bains thermal baths inside your lakeside hotel? Are you the adventurous type? Then take a horseback ride in the Alps or fly through the trees at the High Ropes Adventure. Are you a foodie? Taste local chocolates, cheeses, wines and hazelnut oils. Are you a history buff? Then satisfy your curiosity at Lyon’s Old Town or Vienne’s Roman Temple and Museum. Or just enjoy watching the hang gliders and sunset at an outdoor apéritif on the top of a mountain overlooking Annecy’s lake. And don’t worry, you’ll have a few hours most days to explore on your own, or shop. And for the ultimate in relaxation, spend a couple of evenings in your hotel’s thermal pool and saunas in Aix-les-Bains. Visit french-alps-tours.com for the detailed itinerary for the 2011 tours which will take place June 4-11 and September 3-10.

Perhaps your friend or spouse likes to cook. Then buy them a French culinary gift – the only Savoie and French Alps English language cookbook in existence. French Comfort Food: Recipes of Savoie and the French Alps is an e-book which features 51 regional recipes, such as Endives Blue Cheese Crumble, Savoie Brioche, Crozets with Beaufort Cheese Gratin, Orange Gratin (with Carrots), Pumpkin Sage Polenta, Tartiflette, Diots in White Wine Sauce, Steak Savoyard Mincavie, Morel Souffle, Savoyard Fondue, Turkey with Nuts and Reblochon, Chartreuse Souffle Pie, Wild Berry Confiture (Preserves), Cassis Liqueur, Tarte au Citron, Cherry Clafoutis, Fruit Galette, Wild Blackberry & Cream Scones. Buy yours for $12.99. As a bonus gift, you’ll also receive for free the Chambery Guide e-book – a sightseeing and historical overview of the charming city of Chambery in the French Alps. Click below for more information:

And don’t forget Jennie’s great French Language Tutorial e-book ($9.95) or paperback book ($19.96) to help you learn the French language. Go to the ielanguages.com Store to order.

You have many choices this year for the Francophile in your life. Happy Holidays!

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