No work

For the fifth time in 10 weeks, my first class on Monday was cancelled and no one told me. The teacher even told me last week that the second class would be cancelled, but that the first one would be there. I actually don’t really mind though because it gave me an excuse to be outside in the afternoon (the weather is really nice again). And I really shouldn’t complain since I will still be paid the same, regardless of how many hours I actually worked.

Even though I’m tired of dealing with my teenage students, I will really miss this job after April. And having an income. I feel so bad that David has to work two jobs just to be able to afford his own bills, and now he’ll have to support me as well during the summer since I won’t have the right to work in this country.

And even when I do get the right to work, there’s no guarantee I will be able to find a job easily. My biggest concern is that I won’t be able to speak French well enough. I do plan on studying French very intensively during the summer (especially since I will have nothing else to do…), but I wonder how much I will learn on my own. I know I should take some conversation classes, but that costs money. Money that I must save for rent and food.

At least I think we will be ok through the end of June. We’re giving notice to the rental agency that we’re moving in 3 months. I do like this apartment, but David and I want to live by ourselves. It will be difficult to find a new place though since CAF most likely won’t help us anymore starting in July. At least they’re giving us 130 € from April to June though.

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