New Language Tutorial on Latin

Thanks to Brandon, Latin is now featured on!

The Romance languages derived from Vulgar Latin, the major spoken language(s) of the Roman Empire. Classical Latin is what is taught at universities and written in books today since most of Vulgar Latin was never written down. The Appendix Probi is an interesting list from the 3rd/4th century CE that shows the changes between the two (and encourages people to use the Classical Latin words instead of the more common Vulgar counterparts.)

The greatest extent of the Roman Empire:

If you’re not interested in Latin for religious purposes and don’t ever plan to visit Vatican City, where it is the official language, you can still read plenty of Latin at the Latin Wikipedia, which does include 20th century topics.

Latin I Tutorial

Latin II Tutorial

  • Very cool, I’ve always wanted to learn to at least read Latin (not sure what good speaking it would do you, ya know?) so I could read the inscriptions on all the various tombs and cathedrals and such that you see while traveling in Europe.


  • Latin is so important to understanding various languages of today. Thanks for this share!