Namke Learn Quebec French: Canadian French made in Quebec [Update: Website is no longer available]

Sadly, Namke Learn Quebec French is no longer online. If anyone knows what happened to the site or how to get in touch with the owners, please let me know! (The original post is below; note that most of the links will not work.)

I have previously mentioned the Namke Learn Quebec French site because they offer the wonderful software KitQC2 which includes 4,500 mp3s of Quebecois French.

Lately they’ve been updating their Learn Quebec French blog more and more (filling in the void left by the demise of with more useful tips and resources on learning the Quebecois accent. Until March they are uploading an mp3 a day to accompany the Ulysses book Canadian French for Better Travel, which is also available as a PDF download if you don’t want to pay for shipping. In fact, you can download all of the mp3 files in one zip file instantly if you already have the book and don’t want to wait for scans of each page to be uploaded.

Their blog also includes information on using the internet to learn more vocabulary with audio – they’re currently featuring the Le Dictionnaire Visuel online – as well as a music with lyrics section for listening to and learning from some great Quebecois bands. There are several links in the right sidebar leading to more sites for help learning international and Quebecois French, including sites where you can watch Quebecois shows online if you’re already in Canada. (I’m still looking for a free VPN that provides a Canadian IP address like HotSpot Shield does for US addresses.)

In addition to the TUFS Language Modules of 40 Quebecois French dialogs, Namke Learn Quebec French is another great starting point for those wanting to learn Canadian French to live, travel or work more easily in Quebec and other French-speaking regions of Canada.

  • Namke von Federlein

    Hi from Namke von Federlein (Namke Learn Quebec French blog)!

    Thanks for the review! We had hundreds of downloads yesterday.

    BTW: you web page loads so slowly that I thought the browser was hanging. I don’t know if it will work from France but there is a free site called that might help you speed up your web page a bit.

    • You’re welcome! I love your blog!

      • Jonathan Kear

        I know this is a realllyyyy old post, but does anyone know if this resource listed above is still available? I can’t seem to access it 🙁

        • Sadly, I don’t think it is available anymore. They haven’t been active on Twitter since March either. 🙁

  • David Taggle

    It appears all the links are dead now.

    • David Taggle

      My bad, this is mentioned below.