Major Website Updates this Summer

Summer is over and I go back to work tomorrow, so I wanted to post the major updates to my website that I’ve done over the past few months. I’m not sure how much time I will have to devote to my site once the semester gets into full swing.

  • First, I have created an RSS Feed of major updates so that you can add it to your blog reader and be notified instantly of any changes or additions to the site.
  • Thanks to Dan, the first page of the Norwegian tutorial is now up!
  • David & I have almost finished recording the mp3s for the French tutorials. I would love to add audio to the other language tutorials as well, so if any native speakers want to contribute, let me know! (You can use Audacity, which is a free program and really easy to figure out.)
  • The Realia page only contains French and German materials for now, but it includes scans of train tickets, receipts, menus, brochures, etc. so you can see the real language in use.
  • Myles helped me convert most of the pronunciation on French I to standard IPA symbols, which should show up on your web browser correctly if you have a Unicode font installed on your computer.
  • The biggest project this summer has been converting the Foreign Service Institute language courses to HTML pages. Since this is a very time-consuming project, I’ve only finished units 1-2 of French & units 1-3 of German so far.

And of course, I’ve been continuously updating the English Assistants in France guide as well as the ESL Lesson Plans and Language Links pages.

I plan to continue working on the comparative tutorials and to add more interactive exercises, and I’m also thinking about creating an English for Francophones / Anglais pour les francophones page, especially to help with pronunciation – and this way I can record all of the mp3s myself!

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  • Eileen

    That Realia page is awesome, Jennie.

  • Eileen

    That Realia page is awesome, Jennie.

  • Brenda

    wow you’ve been busy

  • Brenda

    wow you’ve been busy

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