It snowed.

By   December 12, 2008

Wednesday morning, I saw this and was all excited:

And then I looked down:

I know it doesn’t look like much snow, but it was too much for my car. I was only able to go about two feet before it got stuck. Mine was the only car that couldn’t get out. :(

Luckily I was able to catch a train to work, though much later than I would have liked. I managed to not vomit on the train even though it made my nausea much worse. A lot of students were absent anyway so my classes were pretty calm and relaxed, which was what I needed to finish this horrible week.

I understand that Annecy does not normally receive a lot of snow anymore, but why is it that no one is responsible for clearing parking lots and sidewalks? Why isn’t our co-propriété (to whom we pay 60 € a month) in charge of snow removal like they are for garbage removal and cutting the gas? I felt so bad for the elderly who live in our building who could barely walk across the street to get to the store. Just walking from the bus stop to my building on campus was dangerous enough for me.