Home for the Holidays

By   December 14, 2010

My Christmas secret is out! I came back to Michigan yesterday as a surprise for my parents and will be home for the next two weeks. I had been planning this for months and even though all of my friends knew, everyone was able to keep the secret and my mom was indeed surprised.

I absolutely love Christmas in Michigan and I hadn’t been here in December since 2007. I was a bit worried about my flights because of the big snowstorm that came through the Midwest this past weekend, but everything worked out fine and I will have a white Christmas for the first time in years! Well done, mother nature. Well done.

I was excited like a little kid when I arrived in Detroit last night. The Christmas lights, the snow, even the football fans at the airport (thank you Vikings for proving that a team besides the Lions can lose at Ford Field!) made me feel right at home. It was bitterly cold (a balmy 6 F / -14 C this morning) and the roads were still covered in ice & snow, but it felt good to be home where most of my friends and family are.

I will be playing in the snow with the dog, visiting friends in Flint, experiencing Bavarian Christmas in Frankenmuth, and just enjoying my time at home so I won’t be online as much until I’m back in France for New Year’s.

Happy Holidays everyone!

  • http://www.boeingbleudemer.com Cynthia

    I love your mom’s face :) Have fun at home and enjoy the snow for me!

  • http://blog.brain-scape.com Amanda Moritz

    That’s a really nice surprise! My younger brother goes to Macalaster in Minnesota and told me all about the snow storm. I’m glad your flight was able to land :)

  • http://www.rue-de-france.blogspot.com Emily

    Oh, there’s no place like home for the holidays…


  • http://howlearnspanish.com/ Andrew

    Aww, so cute. That’s awesome, I hope you have a really great Christmas. I’m jealous, too, I LOVE white Christmases but I’m in Texas :(


  • http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com/ vivienne blake

    You may find when you get back that just about the whole of France will have had a white Christmas! Certainly here in Manche there is a surfeit of the white stuff! Last year (for the first time in the 20 years we’ve lived in France), the snow started on 30 December and lasted off and on until the end of February. This year we were snowed in for three days at the beginning of December. And they talk about global warming…..