Greetings from Slovenia

Slovenia is lovely! We are staying in Portoroz and walked to Piran this afternoon. The weather is gorgeous and the scenery is beautiful. I’d like to spend more time here but we have to go to Italy tomorrow to get on our Greek isles & Turkey cruise. This is the last day I’ll have free wifi so I may not update the blog again until I return home – though I also have my Kindle with 3G with me so I will be able to update Twitter.


This is the first time I am posting to the blog using my iPod and the WordPress app so I hope it works correctly!

Dr. Jennifer Wagner

PhD in Applied Linguistics, ESL/French teacher, author of two French books, and helping others to learn languages online at

  • Andrew

    Looks beautiful, what’s the temperature?

    • Jennie Wagner

      It was pretty warm, probably 85.

  • Zhu

    I always love the places you pick for your holidays, always original and picturesque! There are so many countries I don’t know in Europe…

    • Jennie Wagner

      Me too! There are so many countries I still haven’t visited, or only just saw the largest city which isn’t really seeing the country… I hope I have more time to travel in the future when I hopefully have more money.

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    Slovenia seems like an unusual choice for a holiday.